Our Company

Smith Mountain Solutions, LLC designs simple, affordable information management tools that give businesses an edge over the competition.

We have implemented many such tools throughout our Coast Guard careers.  Examples include the Electronic Resource Proposal (e-RP) system that has been in continuous use for 15 years by the Service to manage its annual multi-billion dollar budget build, and the Marine Safety Center Office Tracking (MASCOT) system, a SQL Server database and MS Access front end user interface used by the Coast Guard to manage the disposition of tens of thousands of commercial vessel plans and engineering calculations requiring USCG approval.  


Systems we build are typically fully integrated with key business processes involving multiple business units.  People enjoy using them because these systems make their jobs easier and help them to succeed. The result:  real-time entry of high quality, high value data.  We routinely complement these systems with elegant MS Excel applications that retrieve data from the backend database in real time.  These applications distill complex data into the actionable information needed by executive decision makers, while providing drill-through access to the details sought by people at all levels of the organization. 


We formed our company to capitalize on the unique leadership, management and technical skills we have developed over the course of many years of public service.  Whether your information management needs are big or small, we hope you'll consider a simple, elegant, Smith Mountain Solution.